To Wash Or Not To Wash?

No! Not me, I had a shower this morning.

The middle of Ambrosia’s fleece is so dirty that the carded stuff tooks positively brown. If I spin it like that it will be impossible to get the grime out of the twist but I have had problems washing fine baby alpaca before.

I decided to try one batt, call it the sacrificial batt if you like. I filled the sink with tepid water with a very small dash of hand wash liquid, as I pressed it under the water I caught a wiff of the first rain after a long hot spell in the summer (quite evocative). The water instantly turned brown so I swished it about a bit then fished it out, it looked like a sheet of fine felt. I rinsed it anyway and carefully stretched it out onto a towel were it could be rolled up and wrung out. Lo and behold, when I unrolled the towel I had a fluffy white batt ready for drying and spinning.

So I have now washed six batts and can’t wait to get spinning.

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